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Who can join WARC?

Anyone aged 18 years and above with an interest in horse riding and equestrian activities is welcome to join WARC.  Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, our community is open to all skill levels.  Please note: we do not provide horses.

How do I join WARC?

We will be meeting on Sunday, 14th January 2024 for our Join Up day and AGM.  If you attend the morning, you will be eligible to attend an additional rally (being February).  If you’re unable to join us, you can complete a membership form online and join us in March.  Your enrolment is secured when you pay your membership fee.  You can pay online or directly to the club account (details below).  You will receive an email from the secretary to confirm your membership.


Account Name:        Wallangarra Adult Riders

BSB:                            066162

Account:                    10471711

Reference:                 Name & "Membership"

Is there a dress code for WARC rallies?

There is no strict dress code for rallies, we encourage members to wear appropriate riding attire for safety and comfort.   Equestrian Australia approved helmets are mandatory for all mounted activities and appropriate riding footwear.   Specific dress code details may apply to certain competitions or clinics, so it’s advisable to check event guidelines beforehand. 

Is there a dress code for ARCA challenges and other events?

The Club Uniform is compulsory if you compete in an ARCA challenge or an ARC class at an event. 

What is the club uniform?

The club uniform consists of:

  • WARC polo top;

  • WARC saddle pad; and

  • White or cream jodhpurs/breeches.

You can purchase polos, saddle pads and other items from the 'merch' online page.

Do I have to do anything as part of my membership?

  • A requirement of membership is to assist at a minimum of 1 of the (max) 2 fundraising events run during the year.  Your $40 refundable fee (paid on membership) will be provided back to you upon completion of this.   Fundraising event save the date - 5 May 2024.

  • It is also a requirement to assist in set up and pack away at each rally.

What happens on a rally day?

We all have a part to play in helping rallies run smoothly on the day.  

  • ​Those riding in the second class of the day are responsible for setting up.

  • Those riding in the first class of the day are responsible for packing down.

  • Please be on time for each of your classes.

We have access to the tractor now which makes moving poles very easy!

How often are rallies held?

We hold rallies once a month with the majority of them held the first Sunday of every month.  For a full set of dates, visit our website rally page.

What time do rallies start?

Rallies start at 9am, gates open 7:45am, but in hot weather we start an hour earlier.

How do I book a rally?

Rally RSVPs are emailed to the Sunday prior to the rally date with a copy of your rally fee transfer receipt ($50 per rally). 

Please BSB payments with your name and rally date (bank details above).  In the email, please let us know what level of flatwork (prep, prelim, novice, elementary) and/or jumping (poles, 45cm, 60cm, 70cm, 90cm) you would like to do and if you have any preferences (e.g., just one class, just jumping, paired with a friend, etc.) and the rally coordinator will do her best to accommodate everyone. 


Please note - request for coaches and time slots are not available.  Every effort will be made to accommodate other requests; however, sometimes it is not always possible.

How many lessons do I get at a rally?

There are two lessons offered at each rally, with a break in between classes.  You can choose from flatwork and jumping.  In between riding help yourself to refreshments in the club rooms - morning tea offerings from members are welcome. Hot drinks are provided by the club.

What are the benefits of joining WARC?

By joining WARC, you become part of a vibrant group of equestrian enthusiasts.  Benefits include access to organised rallies, training clinics, and the opportunity to connect with fellow riders.  Members also receive updates on upcoming activities and events.  As an ARCA affiliated club, joining WARC allows you to get a discounted EA insurance option, and ride in ARC classes and events, including the ARCA challenges.

Are there riding skill requirements for joining?

No specific skill requirements, other than being able to trot and steer at a minimum.  Our member base is diverse, with members ranging from beginners to experienced riders.  We offer a variety of classes for all levels and members are encouraged to participate at their own pace.

How often does WARC organise events?

The frequency of events may vary from year to year, so it’s recommended you check out the website, follow our Facebook page and read our newsletter for updates.

Can I volunteer or get involved in organising events?

As part of your membership, it’s expected that every member will support and help at, at least one event throughout the year.  Many hands make light work, we are always happy to have people volunteer to help the club!

How can I stay up dated on WARC activities and news?

You can regularly check our website, regular emails and Facebook posts are made in addition to our monthly club newsletter.  Please note there is a private facebook page for members only, you will need to request to join this.

Can I join WARC if I am under 18?

No, our insurance does not cover us for riding members who are aged under 18 years. If you are looking for a club for under 18's, we suggest one of our local pony clubs instead.   To find out more about Wallangarra Pony Club, please email

Do rallies still run in bad weather?

Safety is a priority, and we closely monitor weather conditions in accordance with EA rules.  Unfortunately, there are no refunds as coaches are booked in advance.

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