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President: Sara Vroom

Vice President: Tina Larcombe-Day

Secretary/Membership Officer: Meredith Kessell

Instructor Coordinator: Jane Havilah-Burt

Treasurer & Rally Coordinator: Karen Nelson

Digital/Website & Uniform Coordinator: Kelly Kent

Newsletter Coordinator: Katherine Sturges

After Rally Theory Coordinators: Claire Hurst

Morning Tea Coordinators: Pixie Stott

Clubhouse Maintenance: Belinda Moreton & Sue Croonen

Pony Club Liaison: Margaret Barnesby Johnson & Karen Nelson

ARCA Representative: Meredith Kessell

Christmas Rally Organiser: Katherine Sturges

General Committee Members: Louise Shaw, Stacey Summers, Frida Barnesby Johnson,

Shannon Bray, Carole Indriolo, Beth Giles, Carolyn Meighan

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