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Winter is coming! As I look outside my office window today (Tuesday 23), I can see the brooding clouds threaten to rain. They can just bugger off, I say! This May weather has been superb. I’m not ready to give it up. With the exception, of course, of people being blown away and frozen at the last rally and that ultra fresh feeling that wind gives our ponies. Just delightful. The next rally on June 4, we have on offer: Flat work | Show Jumping | Poles | Cross Country.

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Our next After Lesson Session topic and date is to be confirmed. We will keep you posted with any updates.


Please clean up all manure and hay and take this home with you. We recommend bringing a spare chaff bag. This includes any manure your horse produces in their yard, at the float, wash bay, arenas and grassed fields. This does not extend to the cross country area. Do not place manure around trees. The water jump is not to be used unless during a cross country lesson with your instructor. Lunging is not permitted on the grass. Please use the small arena behind the main sand arena. NEW


Big shout out to Kelly Kent who has been producing us a new and improved website. It is still undergoing upgrades, but check it out at


The Peel Winter ARCA Challenge is afoot. Entries are open, and there are still spots available at all heights (except 80) and test levels. We really hope to see just as many Wallies participating in this next Challenge as we did at the Autumn Challenge


It seems to have been a bit of a quieter month for people, but still some activities on the go.

  • Murray Eventing CCN—6/7 May - 9th Sara Vroom - Ev65, 19th Catherine Macey - Ev65 OTT, 10th Gemma Lee - Ev80 OTT

  • Murray HPC Eventing, 13/14 May - 5th Katherine Sturges - Open 80

  • Oakford Jump X - 1st Belinda Moreton - 70 cm

  • Dual Code Spectacular - Shana Dodge won with her standardbred, taking out 1st in both Halter and Ridden Show Hunter.

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