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Winter is officially here. It hasn’t stopped the eventers, but it seems

to have slowed many down. If that’s you, I don’t blame you!

My couch, heater and blankets are looking like a pretty good

draw card right now. The next rally on July 2, we have on offer:

Flat work | Show Jumping | Poles | Cross Country,


Lessons will be commencing from 9am going forward. The gates will be open

from approximately 7.45am. The class list will be posted in the club house the

morning of the rally, so please arrive with enough time to settle your horse in and then help set up (for those riding in the 10am lesson), or tack up (for those riding at the 9am lesson). Those riding in the 9am lesson will help pack up at the end of the day. Please email Karen your RSVP by Sunday 25th June ( and transfer the $40 required. Please let her know what level flatwork (prep, prelim, novice, elementary) and/or jumping (poles, 45cm, 60cm, 80cm, +) you would like to do and if you have any preferences (e.g., one class, only jumping, paired with a friend, etc) and she will do her best. Morning tea refreshments will be in the clubhouse. If you have capacity, can you please bring in some treats to add to our morning tea.


Our next After Lesson Session topics and dates:

  • July: Basic Equine First Aid Jill Griffiths Worth has over 20 years vet experience and will take us through what to look for and do if your horse becomes ill or injured.

  • August: Safe Towing Nev Treloar runs a caravan and float repairs and modification business and will educate us on safe towing, such as vehicle weight capacities, float weights and distribution, and all the things in between that we as horse owners should be aware of to keep our horses safe while travelling.

  • EOI - If anyone is thinking of going to the Spring ARCA Challenge and would like to ask any questions, needs some ideas, or just wants to see who else is going, please send me an email ( or drop me a Facebook message (Katherine Sturges) and I’ll see if I can pull a group together to have a Q&A session at the closing of the July rally.



Congratulations to all participants at the ARCA Winter Challenge. I’m pleased to report that it was not raining cats and dogs this time around, unlike the 2021 Peel Winter Challenge. Boy, was that a test of wills. Well done to everyone and thank you for bringing your team spirit, as always. We had 14 riders representing the club, and unfortunately three of those riders had to scratch. But in true team spirit, they all came to support the club.

Our riders:

Michaela Fenner (30 cm WT)

  • Kelly Kent (30 cm WT)

  • Zoe Fenner (30 cm WTC) - 2nd

  • Karen Nelson (30 cm WTC)

  • Shana Dodge (45 cm WT) - 1st

  • Meagan Berzins (45 cm WT)

  • Vicki Lynn (45 cm WTC) - 3rd

  • Ella Delahaye (45 cm WTC 35y) 

  • Louise Shaw - SCR
  • Katelin Fantuz (65 cm) - SCR

  • Meredith Kessell (65 cm) - SCR

  • Daina Chester-Dunn (80 cm) - 4th

  • Katherine Sturges (80 cm) - 5th

  • Bree Lyons (80 cm) - 6th

And of course a mention to our members representing a different club: Kerry Ella Mcaullay (30 cm WT - 4th), Tina Larcombe-Day (30 cm WT - 6th) and Belinda Moreton (80 cm). ✓ ✓


The Winter Challenge was a day of firsts for a few of our riders, and I don’t mean placings. Bree rode her first Elementary test, Elle’s horse completed cross country for the first time and Kelly did, too. Well done, team Wally! We are so proud of you all, pushing beyond your comfort zone to try something that might scare you. You don’t have to be competing at Star level eventing or Grand Prix to be inspiring to others.

Now is a good time to be thinking about whether you will be entering the Spring Challenge. Things to consider:  Travel preparation - it is a bit of a drive.  Will you be camping?  Are you interested in doing a Pas De Deux or Quadrille?  Will you be doing a Freestyle test? What music, theme… classic, or theatrical.


A special mention to Tina Larcombe-Day (pictured above) who has been awarded the Ambassador award with her horse Aandrik by the Fresian Warmblood Society for representing the breed and their versatility. From all of us here at Wallangarra, Congratulations Tina.


  • Peel Showman Series II 1st Tina Larcombe-Day

  • Wooroloo TeleMedVET CCN-S 27/28 May 9th Catherine Macey - Ev65 OTT

  • Brookleigh High Point Dressage 27/28 May 1st Katherine Sturges - Novice 2.1 Participant 1st Katherine Sturges - Novice 2.2 Participant

  • Brigadoon Petstock CCN-S 3/4 June 8th Sara Vroom - Ev65 Participant / ARC 17th Catherine Macey - Ev65 OTT 2nd Katherine Sturges - EvA80 Participant / ARC 16th Amy Frost - EvA80 Open 11th Gemma Lee - EvA80 OTT 14th Daina Chester-Dunn - EvA80 OTT

  • Moora Horse Trials CCN-S - 17/18 June 11th Caitlin Rosenberg - Ev65 8th Amy Frost - Ev80 10th Gemma Lee - Ev80 OTT

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