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It must have been a miracle. The June rally was a beautiful day with just the right amount of sunshine and rain; all sunshine and no rain! The next rally on August 6, we have on offer: Flat work | Show Jumping | Poles | Cross Country.

Lessons will be commencing from 9am going forward. The gates will be open from approximately 7.45am. The class list will be posted in the club house the morning of the rally, so please arrive with enough time to settle your horse in and then help set up (for those riding in the 10am lesson), or tack up (for those riding at the 9am lesson).


Those riding in the 9am lesson will help pack up at the end of the day. Please note the RSVP email address has been updated. Please email Karen your RSVP by Sunday 30th June ( and transfer the $40 required. Please let her know what level flatwork (prep, prelim, novice, elementary) and/or jumping (poles, 45cm, 60cm, 80cm, +) you would like to do and if you have any preferences (e.g., one class, only jumping, paired with a friend, etc) and she will do her best. Morning tea refreshments will be in the clubhouse. If you have capacity, can you please bring in some treats to add to our morning tea.


Safe Towing Nev Treloar runs a caravan and float repairs and modification business and will educate us on safe towing, such as vehicle weight capacities, float weights and distribution, and all the things in between that we as horse owners should be aware of to keep our horses safe while travelling.


We received some great feedback from our recent session, thank you to everyone that attended. If you have any ideas or topics you’re interested in, please let Claire or Meredith know.


Just over two months to go until the Spring ARCA Challenge. I know there are a couple of members who would be interested in joining in a Quadrille, although it is generally quiet on that front. I personally plan on doing a Freestyle and have two potential themes to choose from. I think most of the fun is in the planning! It’s pretty dorky so watch this space. Entries are due to open any day now, so keep your eyes peeled!


Dryandra Horse Trials CCI-S 10th Catherine Macey - Ev65 OTT Daina Chester-Dunn - EvA80 OTT

Brookleigh Dressage Club High Point Champonship Series 2nd Katherine Sturges - Novice 2.2 & Novice 2.3

Orange Grove ARC Dressage 2nd Gemma Lee - Preliminary 1.3 & Novice 2.1

Hills Showjumping 3rd Amy Baxter - 1.04m.

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